Electronic cleaning series

Falcon 530 Precision electronic environmental cleaner 280ml

Category: Electronic cleaning series
Brand: Falcon
Product model Falcon 530 Electronic environmental cleaning agent
Packaging specifications 48 pcs / Carton
Capacity 280 ml / pcs

Product Description

Falcon  530 electronic environmental cleaning agent is made up of high quality hydrocarbon solvent and surfactant, volatile speed, cleaning ability is strong, suitable for most of the metal materials and non-metallic materials of green products.


Recommended Application

It is suitable for cleaning grease, grime, stubborn stains and removing static electricity on plastic surface, inductor, precision instrument, electrical contact, electrical components and circuit board.


Product Advantages

● quickly remove oil, grease, grime, stubborn stains and static electricity.

● Fast evaporation speed, strong cleaning ability.

● complete evaporation, leaving no trace, no corrosion on the surface of plastics, metal;

●  good safety performance, spray tank deformation and blasting pressure are in line with national standards;

● environmental protection products, in accordance with the eu RoHS environmental protection directive, through the quality management system and environmental management system certification.


Typical Data

       Test Item

Test Way


Typical Data


ASTM D1298




Visual Inspection


  Colorless and transparent

Water solubility

Visual Inspection



Evaporation Rate




Distillation range

GB 3146.1


Initial Boiling Point

GB 3146.1


Internal pressure




Emission Rate





The above are typical data and do not represent product indicators. The above information is subject to change without prior notice as additives are updated and new products appear. This data is for reference only.

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